Basic Needs


Through our Social Change Agent, NEWC offers basic needs support, advocacy, resources, and referrals.

The Maslow’s Hierarchy of Needs is an excellent visual to look at the needs of the women we serve.

“Only when the lower order needs of physical and emotional well-being are satisfied, are we concerned with the higher order needs of self esteem and personal development.” (

Without meeting their basic needs of food and shelter, our participants cannot meet their needs of safety, of belonging and love, and of self-esteem. Our goal is to assist women to meet their basic needs and move up on the Hierarchy of Needs.

Social Change Agent

The Social Change Agent:

  • Assists women and their families to meet their basic needs;
  • Equips women with knowledge and opportunity to make informed decisions about their lives;
  • Advocates on behalf of women to enhance their lives and opportunities;
  • Offers support and information.

In practice, these include:

  • Accompanying to court appearances,
  • Supporting for court proceedings, such as testifying,
  • Providing and assisting with applications for Manitoba Housing,
  • Accompanying to meetings with CFS agencies, Legal Aid, EIA workers, and Probation Services,
  • Providing safety planning and Protection Orders,
  • Supplying letters of support and/or acknowledgment,
  • Referring to other services and programming. 

Maslow’s Hierarchy of Needs