Addictions Continuing and Ongoing Recovery Program

The North End Women’s Centre’s Addiction Continuing and Ongoing Recovery Program is a 5 month program that helps women as they recover from addictions. The Program also offers transitional housing for program participants.

You will gain the knowledge and skills needed to restore your health and wellness.

Click here: Addictions Program Description for Professionals updated May 2015

Participant and Staff of the Addictions Continuing and Ongoing Recovery Program, September 2010

 You will be accepted if you: 

  • Have completed a treatment program in the last two years
  • Are willing to admit your addiction and commit to the recovery process 

 Priority will be given if:

  • You are pregnant
  • You need safe housing

 Relapse Prevention Group

  • You will learn about addictions and how to avoid relapse
  • You will  learn how to recognize your triggers and healthy ways to deal with them

 Therapeutic Support Group

  • You will share your struggles and victories in a safe place
  • You will learn to express your feeling in a variety of ways including art, music, and movement

 Individual Counselling

  • We will work with you to create a relapse prevention plan
  • We will help you to achieve your goals

 Basic Needs and Life Skills Support

  • We will help you obtain your basic needs
  • We will help you write resumes, search for jobs, and advocate on your behalf

 Mentorship Opportunities

  • After graduation you can come back and act as a mentor
  • You will get volunteer hours that you can list on your resume

 Once you graduate, you will have learned ways to:

  • Stay away from substances
  • Improve your physical, mental, emotional and spiritual health
  • Create healthy relationships
  • Get safe housing
  • Start volunteering or return to school
  • Gain employment
  • Build healthy supports

Transitional Housing

Betty Berg House  and Chriss Tetlock Place

Kitchen Area in Betty Berg House

Both houses provide supportive environment for women to stay up to one year and reclaim their health and well being. Our participants enjoy the safety of the home-like atmosphere while increasing their life and relapse prevention skills and staying clean of addictive substances.

Each house offers: 

  • Safe housing for up to one year for up to six women 
  • Counselling and groups on site
  • Room and board  
  • Free laundry
  • Free telephone service
  • Computer connected to Internet  
  • Completely furnished individual rooms
  • Life skills: budgeting, menu planning, cooking, etc.
  • Advocacy for clients to communicate with EIA, CFS, Justice, and housing
  • Priority access for house participants to all North End Women’s Centre programs and services
  • Bathroom shared with another participant

 We expect from the participants to: 

  • Attend weekly groups on relapse prevention, self esteem, grief and loss, domestic abuse, and goal setting,
  • Attend weekly individual counselling and advocacy sessions, all provided on site,
  • Abstain from using addictive substances,
  • Do their own laundry,
  • Assist with grocery shopping, cooking, and group living chores,
  • Keep their personal space clean,

Our participants are: 

  • Registered in the Addictions Continuing and Ongoing Recovery Program
  • Able to pay Room and Board through EIA or themselves: room and board as per EIA standards,
  • Willing to live in shared accommodations.

Our Social Change Agent assists the women living in the units to stabilize their lives and, when ready, to find a good independent housing and reintegrate into the community.

Contact Hilary at 204-927-2426 or for more information.