Guiding Principles

At the North End Women’s Centre we believe: 

  • all women, regardless of their race, religion, status, means, ability, or sexual orientation are empowered to make their own choices about their lives
  • all women have rights and deserve to be treated equally in all areas of community and economic life
  • all women are unique and have a right to services that are flexible, non-judgmental, confidential, and respectful of their cultural and religious beliefs
  • all women have the right to be heard and respected as the author of their own lives including the right to a new beginning in their journey
  • staff, participants, and community women have the right to a healthy and safe environment
  • communities, organizations, and society all play an important role in supporting women in their efforts to be empowered and make their own choices
  • systemic and societal conditions and barriers contribute to the poverty, inequality, abuse, isolation, and dependency of women
  • all programs and services respond to the changing needs of women and the community
  • in actively participating in our community by building relationships, honouring partnerships, and working collaboratively with community organizations and community members
  • healthy women lead to healthy families and communities

PUMPKIN PATCH 1 NEWC Staff Appreciation Day, Autumn 2014